Best Lightweight Double Stroller Reviews & Buying Guide

Well, do you know, what is the importance of this type of stroller. Do you know, what is the best lightweight double stroller?

Very important and major questions of the parents who love to travel. This is important to have a lightweight stroller in order to carry them easily. Moreover, a lightweight stroller can easily be placed in car or air trip.

Best Lightweight Double Stroller

Best Lightweight Double Stroller Reviews

Today, we have come with some good recommendations for strollers for toddler and infant. There are many types of strollers in the market. You can get some stroller’s side by side design and some with car seat compatible.

You need to select the best model that suits your lifestyle. This is a good idea to choose a stroller that reclines too. Moreover, a stroller with a snack tray is a plus point for the baby and stroller.

Top 5 Lightweight Double Stroller Reviews

Well, we researched and selected top 5 lightweight double stroller for you. If you are a dad or a mom but travel often in various places. Hope you will love these strollers and buy anyone from the top list.

1. Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller

If you are looking for the best lightweight stroller, this could be a smart choice. This is a 100 lbs stroller with swivel front wheel. Its three-wheel design makes it perfect for jogging and running too! Moreover, it comes with front wheel lock system for an easy and comfortable ride.

You will get a rare suspension for a smooth ride. Your babies will never feel uncomfortable when you are running with the stroller. In fact, the quality wheels will reduce the bumps of the stroller.

The design offers a one-handed folding system for storage. Therefore, you can fold and store it anywhere you want. This will not take much space in your home. Moreover, the multi-position canopy will always keep your babies safe from harmful UV rays.

The stroller is safe for twins because it comes with a 5-point safety harness. Moreover, there is a handbrake in order to park the stroller safely. Also, it follows the standards for the baby stroller to make it safe.

You will also get an ergonomic handlebar for a comfortable ride. Moreover, you can also change the handlebar height to feel comfort. The weight capacity of the stroller is 100 lbs. overall, this is a good lightweight stroller with safety standards.

2. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller – 5-Point Safety System

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller is another double lightweight stroller for your babies. It comes with an easy to fold design for the travel loving parents. This is safe and comfortable for the babies too. As this is only 22.6 pounds, this is very comfortable to carry for any person.

The Kolcraft brand uses safety materials as the fabric of the stroller. The padded multi-potion reclining seat will always give your babies a comfortable place to take nap or enjoy the outdoor ride. This is a convenience because of being a compact size design. The size is perfect for go through doorways very easily.

The stroller is easy to fold for storage. It comes with a self-standing fold design. You can fold the stroller by one hand comfortably. The durable sleek strong frame is durable enough for long time service.

The seats are comfortable enough for your baby. Its mesh ventilation window will make the stroller breathable. Moreover, extra-large canopies will protect your babies from sunshine and rainfall too! Also, you will get 5-point safety system with pads for your babies. So, there is no chance to hurt your babies when you are out with them.

Each of the seats can hold 40 pounds of the stroller. It will also give you two removal parents’ cup holder and one juice holder for the older kid. In short, this is a quite good stroller for your twins.

3. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

This is the best lightweight stroller for travel with twins (Even you can use it as a single stroller also.). The stroller comes with multi-position seat design with reclining front seat for ensuring comfort. Moreover, it comes with a car seat for your babies too.

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System stroller offers 22 configuration options. Therefore, you can change the riding choice very easily.  You will also get it as a very lightweight.

You can easily fold the stroller for saving space. Moreover, this is a self-standing foldable stroller in order to storage properly. The stroller also provides a large basket for baby things. As a result, you can easily carry your baby things under the seat.

If you want, you can also remove the rear seat. As a result, this will help to reduce the weight of the stroller too! You can also connect the car seat in your car very easily. It comes with easy to installation car seat adapter for an easy ride in a car.

Overall, this is a good and amazing stroller for kids. You can change the seat positions for interacting with the baby too. So, this could be the best stroller from toddler to young.

4. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight and Compact Double Umbrella Stroller

If you want a lightweight and compact double umbrella stroller, this is the best choice for your babies. Moreover, the umbrella stroller comes with expandable canopies for protecting your babies too! Your baby will always remain recovered with a rear hood design.

This is also a good umbrella stroller for travel because this is easy to fold. So, you can easily fold for air travel or back seat of the car. This is only 21 lbs, therefore, you do not have any problem to carry the stroller too!

Talking about the safety for the babies, this is safe. It comes with 3-point safety harness point for protecting your babies. Moreover, the suspension will reduce the bumps of the stroller.

Each of the seats can hold up to 35 pounds seat weight. Therefore, this is a bit lower than other strollers. Comparing the weight, comfort, and safety, they are also a plus point for your comfort.

5. Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller

This is a new lightweight stroller and perfect for all terrains. The double stroller is only 48.6 lbs; a suitable stroller for kids. It comes with air tires for small ride experience in every type of terrains.

Therefore, your babies will have a comfortable ride anywhere. Moreover, it comes with full infant recline seats for comfort. In addition, the footrests are easy to adjust with full canopies for protecting your baby.

There is also a rear mesh with peek a boo window for breathability. The design will deliver enough air to your babies. The 5 point harness belt will also prevent from failing.

The on motion foldable design makes it perfect. Moreover, it can stand in a tight space when folded. There is also an automatic lock for stability. The infant seat can hold up to 45 lbs and the upright seat is suitable for older children. Overall, this is a suitable stroller for infant and toddlers.


Now you know the top 5 lightweight strollers for your twins. So, you can pick any of the strollers for your babies. You can pick the stroller with car seat adapter because it allows installing the stroller into your car.

So, you can read the lightweight stroller reviews again in order to pick the right model. Remember you should think about the seat weight capacity as well as the foldable design. So, think for 5 minutes and go for the best model you like!